Lauren Duke

Lauren has been committed to the sport of track and field since the age of 12. A participant as an athlete in the National Legion Age Class National Championships, Lauren became a coach for her high school in Bedford after graduation, coaching “her girls” to a provincial medal. She continued her coaching career next by becoming a staff coach for Team Nova Scotia in 2007 and again “her girls” reached the top step of the podium with a national gold medal in the relay. Starting in 2015, she returned to coach the Nova Scotia-Nunavut Team and athletes in her care continue to excel.  In 2017, two of the athletes that she coaches in our club reached the podium.

Certified as an NCCP Competition Development Sprint Coach, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and education to the next generation of athletes. To contact Lauren please send an email to:

Andy Canning

Andy has been involved in the organization of sport and in the participation of sports all his adult life. A veteran marathoner, steeplechaser, cyclist and dad, Andy has a special interest in the formative years when sport is first introduced to kids. He works with the age group called “tweens” between the ages of 7-12. This small and mighty group has shown growth over the past few years and Andy inspires the kids to have fun and learn how to enjoy all aspects of the sport of track and field. Andy is trained as an NCCP Run Jump Throw coach. To contact Andy send an email to:

Steve Morley As for me, I started coaching before I left high school. I remember working with high school shot putters and high jumpers and trying very hard to learn everything I could about my passion, middle distance and distance running. I took my first coaching course at Acadia in 1987. Back then it was called Level 1 Theory and after finishing it I was hooked. I studied all the pre-internet material I could and perfected my craft as I raced as a local age-group winner. In 1996 I was named to my first provincial team and travelled to BC for the National 10K Championships. I finished second last but ran a lifetime personal best.

Since then I have spent a lot of time studying. I completed the NCI Level 4 Distance certification in 2009, and have since become certified as a Competitive Development Sprints Coach and Run Jump Throw Coach.

Although I have learned much in the classroom I think I learned more through my experiences as a competitor. I’ve learned the most, however, from working with my athletes.

For information about our club, and what life long training is all about please contact me here: