YHZ Track & Field, in Halifax, NS embraces a Long Term Athlete Development model that matches athletes with age appropriate structure and qualified coaching.

Train is the beginner athlete.

Compete are athletes usually in Junior and Senior High School. They may train up to three times a week in a group setting. Some of these athletes have made the decision to commit to track and field exclusively while others may be participating in more than one sport.

Excel is the athlete that has committed completely to track and field and trains year round, and has most likely made the decision to only participate in a single sport. Sometimes these athletes can be still in high school, Some of these athletes may compete locally, some nationally, and some internationally. Collegiate athletes during their summer break make their home with YHZ. Post Collegiate athletes also need guidance, so our club offers that to them.

For information contact YHZ by sending an email to: info@yhztrack.ca